Stemless Indian Parsley




Aletes acaulis, Stemless Indian Parsley, growing on the west foothills of the Sandia Mountains, 6,500 feet, May 15, 2004.


Giant Angelica


Giant Angelica, Angelica ampla, growing at the side of an irrigation ditch near Almont, Colorado, elevation 8,300 Feet, July 12, 2007. Large plant, 1.5 meters tall, leaves odd pinnate, trilobed, with up to seven leaflets. Flowers tiny, greenish yellow, 4 mm wide, petals 1.5 mm. Growing in shallow water.


Water Hemlock

Water Hemlock, Cicuta douglasii, growing along Frijoles Creek, Bandalier National Monument, New Mexico, elevation 6,400 Feet, August 20, 2007. Plant height is 1.5 meters, main umbel 5 mm dia, stems hollow, leaves opposite, compound, leaflet length 48 mm, width 11 mm. leaf veins end at notches. Seed length 21 mm, width 1.5 mm. Celery smell.


Rocky Mountain Spring Parsley

Cymopterus planosus, Rocky Mountain Spring Parsley, growing in Durango Mountain Park and on Animas Mountain, 7,700 feet, May 14, 2003.


Cow Parsnip




Heracleum maximum, Cow Parsnip, growing in streams and moist meadow areas near Gothic, Colorado, elevation 9,400 feet, July 19, 2007. Likes partial shady, moist areas near streams. Plant height 1.7 meters, umbel diameter 7 inches, flower white, width 6 mm., petals 2 mm. long. Stem leaves in threes, large length 28 cm, width 40 cm. Stalk diameter is 15 mm.





Osha, Ligusticum porterii, growing in partial shade in meadow at Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, Gothic, Colorado, elevation 9,500 feet, July 21, 2007. Height is 1.2 meters, umbels 12 cm in diameter, leaves doubly pinnate, first division 22 cm long, 16.5 cm wide, second division 110 mm long, 54 mm wide,.final leaflets 30 mm long, 11 mm wide. Flowers are 4 mm. wide.


Slender Wild Parsley

Slender Wildparsley, Musineon tenuifolium, growing in dry gullies near West Pawnee Butte, elevation 5,300 Feet, May 21, 2007. Growing on dry wash bank, plant height 18 cm, plant width 28 cm., double umbels, flowers yellow, tiny , width 1.5 to 2.0 mm., leaves all basal, length 35 mm, width 15 mm.



Alpine Parsley

Oreoxis humilis, Alpine Parsley, growing on Elk Knoll just North of Pikes Peak, Colorado, elevation 12,900 feet, June 20, 2007.




Blunt Fruited Sweet Cicely

Ozmorhiza depauperata, Blunt Fruited Sweet Cicely, growing in San Leonardo Creek Valley, north Pecos Mountains, New Mexico, 9,740 feet, June 27, 2003.


Cowbane, Oxypolis fendleri, growing in moist area near a shallow lake at Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah, 10,400 Feet, July 13, 2007. Among taller grasses near the lake which is located in an Engelmann Spruce forest. Plant height for two plants is 11 cm and 53 cm. Leaves are basal and stem, stem leaflets 53 mm long and 12 mm wide. Leaf composed of three leaflets. Basal leaves are 40 mm long and 31 mm. wide. Growth habit is reminiscent of water hemlock, cicuta, but leaf veins end at tips of leaf teeth, not at notches.


Mountain Parsley


Pseudocymopterus montanus, Mountain Parsley, growing in Aspen meadows along the Barr Trail, 8,400 foot elevation, July 21, 2005.


Maryland Sanicle



Maryland Sanicle, Sanicula marilandica, growing in a marsh at the head of Monument Creek, 9,200 Feet, September 3, 2007. Height is 1.05 meters, fruits with burs, Stem leaves are alternate, trifoliate, 97 mm. long and 90 mm. wide. Basal leaves in a rosette, leaf length 90 mm, width 49 mm. Fruits are 12 mm. long and 11 mm. wide.





Water Parsnip


Sium suave, Water Parsnip, growing in marshy area near river, amongst tall grasses near the Yampa River, Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Plant height 0.95 meter, Umbels of umbels, acrosss maller umbel is umbel 85 mm, flower width is 3 . mm, petal < 1mm, leaf blade length 51mm, width 4mm.