Mountain Sweet Cicley



Prolific in dense alpine forest at Ceder Breaks National Monument, 10,500 feet. Did not getMeasurements, but it’s a large plant. Compare fruits to the blunt fruited from san Leonardo lakes in New Mexico.



Blunt Fruited Sweet Cicley




Ozmorhiza depauperata, Blunt Fruited Sweet Cicely, growing in San Leonardo Creek Valley, north Pecos Mountains, New Mexico, 9,740 feet, June 27, 2003.


Western Sweet Cicley

Western Sweet Cicley, Ozmorhiza occidentalis, growing in meadows at Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, Gothic, Colorado,elevation 9,500 feet, July 20, 2007. Plant height is 0.95 meter, fruits small, length 12 mm, width 3.5 mm, leaves stem alternate , secondary leaflets odd pinnate, leaves 90 mm long and 75 mm. wide, leaflets 50 mm long, umbel width 10 mm.