Yellow Nightshade


Yellow Nightshade, Physalis crassifolia (bladder, thick foliage), growing on a sandy bench in Mosaic Canyon, Death Valley, California, 1,520 Feet, March 16, 2007. Plant height 20cm., leaf length 20 mm, leaf width 19 mm, leaves alternate single or double from stem nodes.



Clammy Groundcherry


Physalis heterophylla (bladder, different leaves), a substantial shrub about 18 inches tall growing in the western foothills of the Sandia Mountains following record summer rains. Plant height is 46 cm., foliage very dense, leaves opposite or at nodes, flowers yellow, width 10mm, petals 8mm. Flowers mostly closed in evening, fruits papery 24mm wide, stem leaves 60mm wide and 65 mm long, very hairy.




Chinese Lantern

Chinese Lantern, Quincula (physalis) lobata, growing on mesas near lake Pueblo following heavy summer rains, elevation 5,000 feet, August 12, 2006. Height is 11cm., cluster is 1.3 meters across, almost mat forming, stem leaves alternate., length 33mm, width 20mm, petiole 9 mm, flower width 15mm, purple petal 7 mm, pods 5 sided, width 18 mm, height 16mm.