Golden Evening Primrose



Golden Sundrops, Camissonia brevipes, growing on sandy gravel, Mud Canyon, Death Valley, 690 feet, March 18, 2007. Plant height is 35.0 cm., leaves are mostly basal, a few stem leaves alternate. Basal leaf length is 50 mm, basal leaf width 25 mm, stem is about 1/4 the size of basal leaves, flower yellow, width 19 mm. This is a very open, sunny area in shallow, wide west facing wash.



Brown Eyed Primrose

Brown Eyed Evening Primrose, Camissonia claviformis, growing in a sandy wash called Mud canyon, Death Valley, 690 Feet, March 17, 2007. Plant ht 15 in. stem reddish, substantial leaves alternate, almost stairstepped, L 50 mm, w 28 mm, some edges minutely toothed. Flower width 12 mm, fruits len 36 mm, w 2mm.