Hartweg's Sundrops


Calylophus hartwegii (calyx, crest) , Hartweg's Sundrops, growing at 5,000 foot elevation on shale mesas near Lake Pueblo just West of Pueblo, Colorado, August 12, 2006. Plant height is 15 cm., flower width is 34 mm, flower length 54. Leaves are stem, alternate or fascicled, length 34 mm., width 2mm.


Lavender Leaf Sundrops



Calylophus lavandulifolius, Lavender Leaf Sundrops, growing on the sandy side of an arroyo bank, Pawnee National Grazeland, Colorado, 5,260 feet, September 15, 2006. Plant height 100 mm, flower width 19 mm., petals 13 mm. long. Leaves are dense, length 28 mm, width 13 mm.




Yellow Sundrops

Calylophus serrulatus, Yellow Sundrops, growing in a nice cluster, height 50 cm., cluster width 75 cm., flower width 32 mm., many stem leaves, length 59 mm, width 18 mm. Substrate is silty sand between the high and low water marks of Grand Lake near Granby, Colorado, 8,200 feet, July 28, 2006.