Order Lamiales - Boraginaceae, Lamiaceae, Verbenaceae

Lamiaceae are usually herbs. A few are shrubs. Flowers have a calyx of 5 united petals and a corolla of 5 united sepals. They are usually bilaterally symmetrical with a superior ovary. There are 4 stamens attached to the petals. Configuration of the anthers is an important characteristic in separating the genera. The ovary is composed of two carpels, each two lobed, so it almost appears as 4 united carpels. The style is two forked. The fruits are 4 small seedlike nutlets.

Inflorescences may be terminal racemes or clusters of flowers in the leaf axils.

Stems are usually square. Leaves are opposite, usually aromatic, and toothed are lobed. They are often gland dotted. Successive leaf pairs are arise at 90 degree intervals along the stem.

Characteristics separating the Genera