Great Plains Bladderpod

Lesquerella arenosa, Great Plains Bladderpod, growing in disturbed ground at Rockhound State Park southeast of Deming, New Mexico, elevation 4,650 feet, March 6, 2006. Plant height is 21 cm., flower width is 10 mm. with 5.5 mm. petals. Leaves are basal and stem, stem alternate, hairy, 30 mm. long and 4.5 mm. wide. Silicles are ellipsoidal, length 3 mm., with two compartments.



Arizona Bladderpod


Lesquerella arizonica, Arizona Bladderpod, growing along Jim Thompson trail, 4,660 feet, near Sedona, Arizona, April 1, 2003.




Foothill Bladderpod, Lesquerella ludoviciana, growing at the base of West Pawnee Butte, Pawnee National Grazeland, Colorado, 5,220 Feet, May 21, 2007. A yellow spreading mustard growing in open ground about a quarter mile from the base of the west butte. Width of plant is about 9 inches. Leaves are basal and stem, stem alternate, length 35 mm, width 4mm, Basal length 61 mm, width 5 mm, flower width 13 mm, petals 6 mm. pods rounded 3 mm wide. Compare to Lesquerella arenosa from Rockhound State Park, NM.

Lesquerella purpurea
Lesquerella purpurea, Pupple Bladderpond, growing on south Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon, Arizona, May 3, 2003.