Shaggy Fruit Pepperweed

Shaggy Fruit Pepperweed, Lepidium lasiocarpum, growing on a sandy bench in Mosaic Canyon, Death Valley, 1,520 Feet, March 16, 2007. This is a tentative id -- no flowers but silique size is surely small. Plant height is 80 mm, basal and stem leaves, stem alternate, length 16mm, width 3.5mm, pod width 2.5 mm, estimated flower width about 1mm.



Bourgeau's or Common Pepperweed

Bourgeau’s Pepperweed or Common Pepperweed, Lepidium ramosissimum var. bourgeau / Lepidium densiflorum var. bourgeau, growing on gravel flats above Grape Creek, 5,950 Feet, June 1, 2007. Plant height is 46 cm., flowers white, tiny, flower width 3 mm, pods 3 mm long and 3 mm wide, stem leaves alternate, length 31 mm., width 3 mm., basal leaves old, length 10 cm., width 2.5 cm.



Tall Peppergrass




Lepidium virginicum, Tall Peppergrass, growing in meadows along Lime Creek north of Pheonix, Arizona, 3,000 Feet, March 15, 2005.