Eupatoreae is derived from the name of the Greek King Eupator who discovered a poision antidote in one of the species. Brickellia and Gayfeather (Liatris) are members of the Eupatoreae. Bonset Tribe members have only disk flowers and opposite leaves. Cryptic chacters include anthers with blunt edges.




Brickellia grandiflora occurs at moderate elevations in Ponderosa forests and meadows or in canyons. Specimens here were observed on the Waldo Canyon Trail West of Colorado Springs, in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico, and on the South Kaibab trail in the Grand Canyon of Arizona.



Clumps of Liatris with bright lavendar flowers are found in mixed conifer and ponderosa zones.
Thelesperma megapotanicum

The thelesperma genus contains a number of southwestern species. The above specimen was growing near a highway just East of Socorro, New Mexico at an elevation of 5,000 feet on sandy soil.



Common cocklebur

These plants lined both sides of No Thoroughfare wash in Colorado National Monument at 5,100 foot elevation. The pictures were taken in late August so flowers were not available.