Several Genera in hte Anthemideae are illustrated including the very common Western Yarrow (Achillea millefolium )and the ubiquitous Big Sage (Artemisia tridentata). Anthemideae typically have finely divided leaves. Anthimideae flowers are often rather small. The flowers have no pappus and the phyllaries are rather papery or "scarious" in several overlapping series.



Western Yarrow

Western Yarrow is often seen by roadsides and in meadows from the Ponderosa zone to timberline. Note the small white flowers, scarious overlapping bracts, and finely divided leaves.


Big Sage

Sages are quite common west of the Colorado front range. Numerous species of sages occur. Some are available in this guide by linking through Artemisia above. All have rather tiny flowers. Some have a strong sage odor, especially after rainfall. Sages like sunny areas in meadows with well drained soil. Big Sage, above can be a substantial woody plant. Big sage over 7 feet tall occur, for example, in No Thoroughfare Canyon in Colorado National Monument.



Mayweed is a rather weedy species. The plants observed here formed a carpet of flowers 30 yards wide and hundreds of yards long around the shore of Grand Lake, Colorado.